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Rightie (Be)Ware

On the heels of Sen. John McCain's stroll through the streets of Baghdad comes another instance of the "media as the enemy" meme being propagated by the right wing blogs. The focus of their ire this time in CNN's Michael Ware, who you will remember refuted McCain's claim that commanders on the ground travel around in unarmored Humvees. Various right blogs, among them the prominent The Drudge Report, picked up and ran with an accusation that Ware "heckled" McCain during a press conference after the senator's trip to market. The only problem? It never happened. Raw Story has various video of the briefing and at no time does Ware or anyone else "heckle" during the proceedings. Though in the eyes of many a rightie, asking tough questions is probably now considered a form of heckling.

What I found most astounding is that these sites would promote this claim despite the fact that it is so easily debunked with a simple viewing of a video. It's not as if this briefing were held behind closed doors where the only means of knowing what occurred is based on participant's accounts.

Not that it matters to those on the right who will do anything they can to attack the credibility of anyone attempting to inject some reality based hues into the rose colored pictures that the Bush administration and their supporters try to pass off as authentic.

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