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Opening The Files: 04/02/07

Boys in da Baghdad

Sen. McCain was tooling around Baghdad yesterday just to show how well the surge is working. Don't mind the contingent of 100 Soldiers, 3 Blackhawks, and 2 Apache gunships (and a pony), that's just his posse. He takes them everywhere. You should see them try to get a table at Denny's.

McCain's partner in war crime Lindsey Graham, meanwhile, scored a sweet ass deal on some rugs. Let's hope they aren't Persian since that would make him eligible for a stay at the Ritz Gitmo since he just contributed a whole $5 to Iran's burgeoning textile industry.

Back in Never Gonna Leave Land, 6 more US soldiers were killed and mortars rained down on the outskirts of the Green Zone. In other words, just another day in the neighborhood.

Babak Dehghanpisheh on McCain's little jaunt through the capitol. Meanwhile, Atrios has what "Maverick" was really trying to say.

Shelley Lewis gives us the "full picture" that McCain says is lacking in media coverage.

Libby Spencer says it might have been good idea for Graham to practice that trickle down economics the Repubs use to be so fond of.

Mustang Bobby reminds us of other photo ops involving presidential wannabes. Jersey Guy wonders how many soldiers died because others were too busy playing nurse maid to McCain's ego.

And Bob Cesca reports that the "Surge is working" meme isn't well, working.

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