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What of justice?

Whenever the Bush administration or one of their supporters brings up 9/11 during their arguments in favor of the war in Iraq or wider war in the Middle East, there is one question I would like to see asked of them:

"Why do you insist on denying justice to the victims?"

A pretty straight forward question, isn't it? For ever since the events of that day were picked up and held aloft as the go-to argument ender for everything this administration does, very few have ever voiced true concern for justice for the victims. Oh sure there were some hollow platitudes of "dead or alive" just after and stale rhetoric of "bringing to justice" since but here we are nearly six years later and many of the perpetrators remain at large. And why is that? Because President Bush made a choice. He chose to go to war in Iraq even though it had nothing to do with the attacks. Was justice served by that invasion and continuing occupation? No. Would we find justice by attacking Iran and/or Syria, as Rudy Giuliani and Joe Lieberman appear to see as somehow culpable in whatever convoluted dreamscape their thoughts reside? Doubtful.

So again I ask: Why do you insist on denying justice to the victims?

I await an answer but somehow I doubt it will be forthcoming.

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