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Opening The Files: Va Tech Edition

Reflections on a Virginia morn

The events this week were needlessly tragic, especially when you consider that all of it may have been preventable. But we will never know and are left to ponder what might have been. And no matter how much insight into the mind of the killer we receive from beyond the grave, some questions will forever remain unanswered. Not the least of which is why.

So today, a simple round up. No snark. No puns. Just some reflections, some condemnations and some thoughts on life and how we cope.

Michael Linn Jones: Reflections on a Massacre

Lindsay Beyerstein: "Politicizing" events and "exploiting" tragedies

Eugene Robinson: Beyond Reason

Jeffrey Feldman: Violence and Silence

Michael J.W. Stickings: Don't forget about Iraq

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