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Osama Bin Czar

WASHINGTON (XF) - The Xsociate Files has learned a startling revelation that sheds new light on how the Bush administration has conducted the war in Iraq and the wider war on terror. According to recent reports, a search was being conducted for a so-called "war czar" to oversee the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. While it is thought to have been a recent initiative, sources inside the Pentagon confirm the position has in fact existed since mid-2002. More startling still is who filled the position until sometime in late 2003: Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

One source told XF that they had been willing to come forward with the news after White House political guru Karl Rove leaked word at a recent press conference that it was Bin Laden's idea for the US to invade and occupy Iraq. When asked if it made sense to have someone considered public enemy #1 in charge of US policy in the region, the source said that the Bush administration saw no problems with the arrangement.

"They considered it an effective example of outsourcing," the source said.

On a related note, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the Bush administration is considering approaching presidential hopeful Sen. John McCain for the position of war czar.

"We feel he has some good idea's on how to handle the situation," Perino said.

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