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Opening The Files: 04/25/07

Let Slip the Dogs of Bore...

With Democrats refusing the back down from their push for a change of course in Iraq, GOP desperation is beginning to set in. They're obviously scared to death of Bush actually having to carry out his veto threat. How else do you explain the surge of rhetoric this week.

President Bush tried to claim that Democrats were wrong about what Americans voted for in the last election. I guess we must have misread the ballots. Delusional Dick, meanwhile, claims that Harry Reid is the one who is "uninformed and misleading" about Iraq. Tom "The Bugman" DeLay crawled out from whatever rock he was hiding under to suggest that the actions and words of top Democrats is "very close to treason". Rep. Dana Rochrabacher, as Ted noted, has well wishes for those who don't care much for the Bush administration's detainee vacation practices.

And in a portend of campaign ads to come, Rudy Giuliani thinks that voting for anyone but himself in '08 means another 9/11 is almost certain.

They wanted to unleash the big dogs but all they seem to have left is a bunch of yelping puppies. Yipe!

President Busy said that he will not accept a bill that "directly contradicts the judgment of our military commanders." Steven D says he should know a thing or two about that.

Robert Scheer says the military has become a convenient scapegoat for Bush's failures, at least when they aren't being used as backdrops.

Carpetbagger has more treasonous talk.

Justin Gardner thinks Rudy's remarks got stretched just a tad. Not that is mattered to some on the right when there's a "Dems will be the death of us" headline to promote. Or maybe he is going for the Carbon Copy Campaign, as Georgia10 calls it.

The Gun Toting Liberal loves the smell of dissent in the morning.

And here's Ron Chusid on Rudy's claim that Democrats don't understand the threat of terrorism.

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