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The Walls That Divide Us

This weekend, the right (plus Joe) were working themselves into a viscus lather over statements made last week by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to the effect that the war in Iraq is 'lost'. Many scolded Reid for his poor choice of words, but DKos regular McJoan wonders if Reid was in fact careful to phrase his remarks so as to frame the debate as one of the President yet again defying the will of a majority of Americans.

With the showdown over funding looming, McJoan points us to a new piece by Paul Krugman which is a must read. The Krug Man aptly describes the confrontation as a hostage situation, with US troops in the role of captive. How else to describe the President's threat (now since carried out) of forcing them to stay longer in Iraq unless Congress gives him the funds to do with as he pleases?

As the President worked to build the metaphorical wall around his failed policies and players, actual physical barriers were being constructed in the streets of Baghdad. The Iraqis will not let it stand and neither should we allow this President to continue to draw the demarcation lines of what is acceptable to the American people.

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