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Opening The Files: 04/30/07

April Foolers

Former CIA Director George Tenet sat down with 60 Minutes last night to give a preview of his new tell-all book in which he blasts the Bush administration for everything from failing to heeds warnings about Al-Qaeda in the summer of 2001 to rushing to war with Iraq without really thinking about whether or not it was a good idea to do so.

Trying to preemptively refute some of those claims, Condi Rice took to the Sunday morning show circuit. Let's just say her performance wasn't very convincing. She decided not to go with the Alberto Gonzales defense of not recalling the warnings and instead seemed to be suggesting that we didn't have ample cause to go after Bin Laden prior to 9/11. So much for those embassy bombings in Africa or the attack on the USS Cole. Then again, maybe they were the reason we had to take out the not so imminent threat of Saddam. Lord knows none of the other rationales stuck around for long, unlike our troops.

Arianna Huffington says that while it may be too late for Tenet, there is still time for others to do the right thing.

Shorter Maha: What happens in Condi's mind, stays in Condi's mind.

Digby says it's unfair to claim that there wasn't any substantial debate about whether to go to war since President Bush spoke with his most trusted war advisers.

The Heretik teaches us about four faced facts and imminences. Or something.

Tenet laments that his "slam dunk" comment was taken out of context but Paul Abrams says this explanation is even more damning.

Michael Linn Jones says watching Tenet speak out is like watching the retrieval of a sea anchor of truth. It's long past time we hang it around the necks of those in the Bush administration.

And for those interested, a slightly nauseated Oliver Willis notes that Condi also has a book due out. Rejected titles included "Bush Trough" and "Steamy Rice".

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