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When bad news is in the news...

... can a conveniently timed terror announcement be far behind?

So it was we learned of the fate of one Abdul al-Hadi al-Iraqi, an Iraqi national and supposed mastermind of the bombings in London. My man Cernig has the details but suffice it to say, this would appear to be another employment of the Nexus of Terror the administration is so fond of. See, al-Iraqi has apparently been in custody since late last year (exactly when is still sketchy). So why are we just now learning that a top Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader was captured? You don't suppose it had anything to do with bumping the Tillman/Lynch hearings off the front page? Or preempting former CIA director George Tenet's tell-all-athon this weekend? Or maybe it was suppose to add an exclamation point to the bedwetter protestations during the debate on the Iraq supplemental?*

In any event, look for more of this sort of thing as more bad news hits the presses.

*Is it just me or would a Bush veto on a bill to the war on the anniversary of 'Mission Accomplished' go down as one of the most apropos events yet witnessed during this presidency?

Update: Maybe it's time to tell us the mission.

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