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Learning from the Master and Commander

The Bush administration likes the trot out the President's dual role as Commander-in-Chief whenever it helps their argument for why Dubya has the final say, particularly when it pertains to the war in Iraq or the all encompassing war on terror.

Bush was in full spin mode last night trying to explain why he carried out his veto threat on a bill that would set a timetable for withdrawing troops. He had the audacity to proclaim that the Democrat's plan is a "prescription for chaos and confusion". A rather nonsensical description, especially when you consider that the Bushies' man in Iraq is doing his best to help fill such a prescription already. (h/t Shaun)
Iraq’s prime minister has created an entity within his government that U.S. and Iraqi military officials say is being used as a smokescreen to hide an extreme Shiite agenda that is worsening the country’s sectarian divide.

The “Office of the Commander in Chief” has the power to overrule other government ministries, according to U.S. military and intelligence sources.

Those sources say the 24-member office is abusing its power, increasingly overriding decisions made by the Iraqi Ministries of Defense and Interior and potentially undermining the entire U.S. effort in Iraq...

Ali Dabbagh, spokesman for the Iraqi government, would not respond directly to questions about what authority the Office exercises within the Iraqi government. He denied allegations that the prime minister's advisers were trying to push a Shiite agenda.

However, a senior Iraqi army officer disagreed. The officer, who is seeking help from the senior U.S. command, said: "The Office is not supposed to be taking charge like this. It's overstepping its role as an advisory office. It's not a healthy thing to have. It's people with no power who want to have power."

Remind you of anyone?

On a somewhat related note, in addition to yesterday being Mission Accomplished and Law Day, it was also Loyalty Day. Indeed a trifecta of irony if ever there was one.

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