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Opening The Files: 04/04/07

The Misadventures of Commander Guy Cody

The graphic in this post comes to us by way of Guav DNA and is the perfect manifestation of how our Space cadet-in-chief has been acting lately. In addition to the "All Al-Qaeda, All the Time" song and dance, he also donned his "Veto Man" cape for only the second time this week and word has it he'll do it once more.

Anyone else notice a pattern? First it was no to stem cell research which could lead to life saving treatments. Then it was no to withdrawing our troops from Iraq, thus sparing them possible death and dismemberment abroad. Now it's no to expanding hate crimes protections.

For someone who keeps proclaiming his number one job is protecting Americans, he sure has a funny way of showing it.

Eugene Robinson says that Bush is laying the fog of war on a bit thick.

Don Q. Blogger notes that when the going gets tough, the Bushies go with what worked so often before. Too bad no one's buying this time round.

Alex Blagg has some other ways to describe this President.

Mike Luckovich on our stamp happy pappy.

And Mark Fiore on the one and only mission that Bush has been able to accomplish.

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