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Commander Guy vs. The Pursemen

Well it looks as though the Democrats will be backing down on Iraq if this WaPo article is to be believed. They will still press for benchmarks for the Iraqi government but the the timeline is dead in the water. And those benchmarks are pretty much floaters as well since they won't have any teeth to them (i.e. consequences for failing to meet them). Heck, even if they did, The Decider Commander Guy would just ignore them since he deems anything from Congress to be nothing but "advisory" in nature.

I don't know where things will go from here but I do know that the Dems need to keep pressure on the White House if they truly are "committed to ending this war" as Speaker Pelosi claims. For my money (and everyone else's), I'm leaning toward the "short-leash" strategy favored by the likes of Jack Murtha whereby Congress piecemeals out funding. Say they fund the war through the end of September, when the results of the surge are supposedly going to become available. If things aren't going well, change how future funds will be doled out. Make Bush work for his war allowance in other words.

And if Bush doesn't like it, tough titty. If he starts shouting "You can't do that, you have to give it all to me right now!" all the while stomping his feet and holding his breath until he turns blue in the face, Congress should send him a nicely worded letter (not unlike the one he sent along with his veto) reminding him that they are the ones in charge of appropriating monies. Whose the one being unconstitutional now Mr. Commander Guy?

It's about time Mom and Dad start being strict with Junior. Then again, maybe the Amazing Commander Guy will just go the route advocated by some of his more extreme supporters.

As always, Meme has the roundup of other reactions.

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