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Opening The Files: 05/23/07

Blank Checks & Black Ops & Surges...Oh My!

So it's official, Commander Guy will get his blank check after all. And despite all insistences from Democrats that this was actually a victory, many in the blogs are just down right sour. Which really isn't all that surprising since many see this as a repudiation of the mandate which help put them in power last November. Seems they too have fallen for the "wait 'til September" frame being peddling by the GOPers.

But perhaps the Dems might have wished to ponder a few things before promising to give Dubya his war allowance. Because we really don't know what he intends to spend it on. Sure he says it's for the troops but this is the same guy who opposes a measly $6 a month pay raise for those same troops.

No, things seem to be coalescing around something big taking place later this year and I have a feeling that thing may be an attack on Iran. I'll explain my reasoning below.

As I detailed this morning, the Guardian helped catapult a propaganda piece about how Iran is staging a summer campaign inside Iraq to force the US out. Now we learn that the surge of forces into Iraq may be in for a second wave, with possibly as many as 200k in country by Christmas. Some are harrumphing that this will probably be temporary. But remember, we were told the first surge would be temporary and look how that turned out. I won't believe the whole "temporary increases that typically occur during the crossover period" line until I see boots hitting the ground at Andrews. My money is on them being a buff for any Iranian retaliation.

Which brings us to the next bit of news. ABC reports that Bush has authorized the CIA to conduct its own campaign against Iran in an attempt to weaken the regime. Not a particularly surprising revelation but when coupled with all the rest, it makes one wonder whether Bush is not only planning to double down on Iraq but bet the farm on Iran as well.

And if the above are any indications, the winter of 2007 could certainly be one of discontent.

With all the headlines about how the Dems backed down, Michael J.W. Stickings wonders for whom was this really a victory?

Lane Hudson says that even if the Democrats aren't ready for timetables, the American people sure are.

The Heretik teaches us about jackasses and votes. Or something.

Sean-Paul Kelley says we should be thankful the crazies were left in the box. I'll rest easy when we nail the lid shut.

Cernig reminds us that psy-ops can be a two way street. Hopefully we can put on the brakes before we hit the dead end.

And Robert Parry tells us of another surge we are likely to see.

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