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Of Debates and Terror

Warning: Tinfoil hat alert.

The one thing we've come to know all too well about the Bush administration is their penchant for conveniently timed terror. The latest foiled plots are no exception. And while Keith Olbermann updated his nexus the other day to reflect new events, I for one believe he got the confluences wrong.

While it is reasonable to speculate that the Bushies would wish to deflect attention away from any number of controversies that have arisen, I feel that the recent terror scares were more about creating new talking points for the last two GOP presidential debates.

For starters, consider the timing. We've learned that both the Fort Dix and JFK investigations had been proceeding for well over a year each and yet they both chose to break just days before the debates.

Also consider that these plots have played a heavy role in the discussion of terrorism at these events, particularly by Rudy Giuliani who has made a point of mentioning both as examples of the "terrorists are coming to get us where we live" meme.

Now I'm not saying that any of the participants were privy to these arrests before hand but given how much they were tossed around during the debates, it certainly makes one wonder.

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