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Opening The Files: 11/05/07

George and Pervez: Peas in a Pak

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf continues his crackdown, rounding up more of the opposition. And it would seem my prediction that it might be awkward for the Bushies to continue to support Pervez was a bit off. Turns out that "nightmare scenario" was just a pipe dream since they apparently aren't feeling awkward at all. In fact some are giddy over the developments. And the Pentagon certainly isn't willing to disrupt business as usual over little things like human rights abuses, political imprisonment and military coups.

Such a half-hearted response almost makes one wonder if President Bush is casting a knowing wink and a nod towards his fellow Decider-in-chief.

Josh Marshall wondered how Pakistan's "mixed government" works. Good question given it's even less mixed than before.

Andy Borowitz reports that Bush has given Pervez some pointers.

Paula Newberg tallies up the score to find the rule of law down but hopefully not out.

The Heretik teaches us about high steps and goosesteps. Or something.

And Barnett Rubin, blogging from Islamabad, says that Pervez has taken on Bush's penchant for combating an overzealous judiciary.

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