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A Prophetic Petulant Presser?

Everyone was talking about President Bush's speech yesterday at the Heritage Foundation. And indeed petulant doesn't begin to describe President McPissyPants rant. I am starting to wondering if Dennis Kucinich may have been right to question Bush's faculties. With a mere 15 months left before he has to shuffle off back to Crawford or a Rancho in Paraguay, the guy has completely lost all touch with reality and it's showing in spades. He was at his fearmongering best, with references to tried and tested bogeyman like Bin Laden, Nazis and Communism. He scolded Congress for listening too much to the MoveOn's and Code Pink's of the world and less to the neocon warmongers who frequent the halls of the White House. He says they are falling down on the job in not confirming without question his tortured Attorney General nominee nor in doling out the cash to keep his war on.

The guy is grasping for relevancy. Right now that has mostly taken the form of vetoing everything under the sun. But as his poll numbers continue to dip and his sycophants continue to desert him, I fear that he may do something irrational. You know like start a war for no good reason just so he can relive one last time those halcyon days when no one questioned him and he was riding high on a wave of uber-patriotism and nationalism.

I know the cornered animal metaphor has become rather cliched at this point. But it really does feel as if he's looking for the opportune time to move away from take nips at his opponents and inflict a far more fatal wound.

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