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The Righteous Recreancy of Resuce Rudy

Sorry to have been off the grid lately but I've been transitioning to a new job and it has left me precious little time to keep up with the news (or sleep for that matter). I did, however, happen to catch some bits of Rescue Rudy's latest follies and foibles.

By now you're aware that Rudy received a much needed endorsement from religious right leader Pat Robertson the other day. The endorsement is unlikely affect the campaign much and may in fact be a liability since as it will only better juxtapose with Rudy's rather less than conservative past. That he does not see that nor the fraudulent irony of accepting the endorsement goes to show what poor judgment Rudy has.

Other examples are his choice of associates, such as with former police commissioner turned indictee Bernard Kerik. Rudy defends himself by saying it was a poor choice.

And since he is bringing up the issue of having made so many decisions as Mayor of New York (when he wasn't part timing all those other roles), mightn't now be a good time for the media to start questioning his judgment?

See also Josh Marshall.

Update: Meme has more.

Blog Thanks: Joe Gandelman has a great roundup on the Kerik indictment and gives yours truly the last word.

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