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Opening The Files: X-mas 2007

I've never been one to celebrate Christmas but I certainly love the creativity that the season brings out in people. I've always found my muse to be a bit mischievous at times. And there is no lack of gifts I could write about as many Americans celebrate in the traditional way (the last minute, mad dash to the only Walmart still open in the tri-state area). I could make a crack about Rescue Rudy having a communication problem as he dissembles on the 9/11 radio ruckus. Or I could have a puntackular time with Bush's 2008 itinerary and how he'll be doing more spit shining in the last year of his presidency than a Marine boot camp cadet (no offense to said Marine cadet as his efforts will not be in vain). Or given the heavy emphasis on religion this campaign season, I could even get all deep and philosophical and discuss the intricacies of navigating a world of religion as someone not of a particular faith.

Nah! Bring on the snark. Happy Holidays everyone!

Bob Franken: Yule Fools

Watertiger: Wedged in the Chimney

Steve Young: A No-Spin Yuletide Blame

Moonbat: It’s a Blunderful Life

Libby Spencer: Christmas in Blogtopia

But we can't forget the serious.

Meteor Blades: Never Forget. Especially Today.

Jon Soltz: Helping The Wounded During the Season of Giving

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Have a great new year, X! Thanks for all the great posts!

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