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Box Office Busts and Boffos

The righties appear to be desperate for something to decry. So much so that they seem to have taken to tallying up box office receipts to determine America's patriotic mood. Thus they gloat that that because the new Robert Redford film "Lions for Lambs" bombed at the box office that Americans don't hate their country as much as liberal Hollywood would have us believe.

But there is another creature feature which is sure to have the righties giving raving mad reviews and that's the latest from director Tom Tancredo. While it's only playing is select battleground states right now, like most of the sort of cliched fare likely to be put out next summer in anticipation of November sweeps, the script for this latest bit of fictionalized terror just won't cut it with audiences anymore. Perhaps if the writers strike is ever resolved it will help breath some life into this stagnant sequel.

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