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President Bush was asked during a recent interview for German television whether he thinks there is a point at which a military option will be the only one sufficient to deal with the Iranian imbroglio. Here is his response:
I would never say that. I would say that we would always try to try diplomacy first. In other words, I -- I've committed our troops into harm's way twice, and it's not a pleasant experience because I understand the consequences firsthand. And so I owe it to the American people to say that I've tried to solve this problem diplomatically.

Leaving aside the grammatical errors for a moment, the part that struck me was his claim that he understands the consequences of being in harm's way "firsthand". Sorry to get all nutty and foulmouth on you but that is a load of shit.

No Mr. Bush, you do not know the consequences firsthand. Someone who has never faced combat can never know firsthand. Someone who has never had to watch their fellow soldiers be struck down by a sniper's bullet or blown to bits by an roadside bomb can ever know firsthand. Someone who has never had to take the life of another human being will never know firsthand (and no, video games do no count).

Now you might like to think you know the consequences because of all those staged visits for photo-ops with wounded soldiers. But does seeing them ever make you think twice about your decision? Does it ever sacrifice your piece of mind?

And don't even begin to suggest you know the consequences of war more than the average Iraqi. While you might think you know what they should be thankful for, they know far better the consequences of your war.

Face it Mr. President. As much as you like to think you know firsthand, you don't. Your arrogance, stubbornness and narcissism blind you to the consequences and they always will. Sadly, these are qualities we've all come to learn about you firsthand.

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