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Opening The Files: Veteran's Day 2007

As with most anniversaries, it becomes exceedingly harder to write something profound year after year. I find it doubly hard to put down in words my thoughts on days like today. You see it is Veterans Day and while I feel compelled to say something on this solemn day, words fail me. But it is not surprising that I should find the effort difficult. Indeed what do you say to a man or a woman who has literally put their lives on the line time after time to defend you, your family, your livelihood. All the pageantry and ceremony in the world will never seem to be enough to thank this thankless lot of brave souls.

But there are some things we can do as a means of making amends for their sacrifice. We can ensure it is not done in vain. We can ensure they are afforded all the benefits that come with that highest of service to country. We can ensure there will not be those who seek to profit from their service. And most important of all, we can ensure their leaders will not take lightly the responsibility we bestow upon them and that they will be held accountable if they do fail.

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