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A Hostage to Partisanship

Yesterday the blogs were abuzz with news of the hostage situation unfolding at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in Rochester, New Hampshire. While giving new meaning to the phrase "battleground state", thankfully the drama ended as swiftly as it began. All the hostages were freed and the hostage taker, later determined to be a mentally unstable individual, was taken into custody.

But once the well wishes were issued, it didn't take long for the partisan rancor to set in amongst the right and it continues today. The typical jokes and jabs were elicited and some pundits were even trying to pick winners and losers in the crisis. Many are conspiratorially suggesting the event was possibly staged at worse or at best will be seized upon by the Hillary campaign to garner some form of pity vote. Michelle Malkin, who has in the past scolded lefty blogs for their impertinent commenters, was furiously deleting them from her site yesterday. At least she now understands how we on the left feel about and deal with such poor taste ramble rousers.

And this incident just highlights what is to come. Any situation or event even marginally connected to a Democrat will be picked over by the righties and the media with a fine tooth comb, where as genuine scandals like Rescue Rudy's taxpayer funded rendezvouses will be all but ignored.

I long for the day when basic decency will win out over politics. Sadly it seems that may never come true so long as there are those who will forever attempt to divide us.

See also fellow ASZer Steven Reynolds.

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