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Opening The Files: Not So Thankful Edition

Thankin' the Obfuscatin'

Whew, for a while there it seemed like a loyal Bushie had gone off the reservation. Not to worry though since a stern warning of an invitation to go quail hunting with Dick soon straightened Scotty McC out. He now says he only thinks he was misled by his higher ups, not to suggest they did in fact lie to him. That he would still shill for them even after learning the truth just shows how much he values forthrightness, a trait he lacked in abundance when he was butting heads with the press.

Then again, maybe Scotty's just hoping he'll be one of the turkeys his former boss eventually bestows a pardon unto.

Christy has some unasked follow-ups.

John Dickerson says that this bit dog may have yelped a bit but its nothing we haven't heard before.

Joe Galloway bids good riddance to some of the unindicted co-conspirators who helped bring about things which were once unthinkable.

And Arianna reminds us of another time that Scooter tried to pass Scotty his Plame Blame cliff notes.

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