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Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes

Relatively slow news weekend, but there some blurbs Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes:

I'll give Bush supporters (the few that remain outside of Laura and Barney) one thing: at least they haven't been passing off coinage with his visage as the save all of the economy ala Ron Paul supporters. Then again with the value of the dollar failing as fast as his approval ratings, if they did mint a coin of the realm with his likeness, even the preferred metal would likely be too expensive by then.

Remember what I said about journalists being the ones able to push a particular narrative? Case in point, a silly screed by columnist Robert Novak pushing rumors about rumors (not that I am implying the Douchebag of Liberty is in any way to be considered a "journalist"). Thankfully Team Obama lobbed the derisive molotovs in the right direction. Perhaps if Kerry had taken a similar track in '04 instead of waiting three years too late, we might have had a far different outcome.

And the media, ever mindful of their true patronage, are trying to muddy the waters of this election season's Swift Boating. Unfortunately for the revered target, these particular "veterans" come armed with something the last group lacked: the truth.

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