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Perhaps New York Times columnist David Brooks should have held off on that slavish ode to Sen. John McCain who he says "still fights a daily battle against the soul-destroying forms of modern politics."

Via Greg Sargent:
We've just obtained some video of a Fox local affiliate reporting on a McCain campaign appearance in South Carolina. In it, one of McCain's supporters emphatically calls Hillary Clinton, McCain's fellow United States Senator, a "bitch."

McCain's response? According to the Fox affiliate's reporter, McCain "laughed off" the comment.

It never fails to amuse me when righties cry foul over foul language in political discourse when they and their supporters are among the worst offenders. That McCain did not immediately denounce the questioner perhaps shows just how serious he is in his "battle against the soul-destroying forms of modern politics".

And if we are going to get all bent out of shape over Hillary coaching her questioners, might not some intrepid soul be asking if the McCain campaign sought to plant a hate seed in with the hayseed to reap some valued red meat for the CDS sufferers among their constituency?

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