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Pearls Before Swine

For those who turn to debates such as the one held by the Democrats in Sin City on Thursday to learn more about the policies and positions of their perspective candidate of choice, doing so has become somewhat of an exercise in futility. Instead of a thoughtful and reasoned debate, more often we are treated to an endless series of “gotcha” questions designed to trip up the presumptive front-runner or media deemed pre-debate stand out. As of late that has been Hillary Clinton, who the consensus seems to be staged a well played come back from the last debate in which everyone including moderator Tim Russert piled on for the pillorying.

One tactic that referees like Russert like to employ is use of off-putting questions such as “What is your favorite Bible verse?” Knowing the answer to that will say little about how a particular candidate will govern yet is the often the answers to these precarious questions that become the focus of the media’s post debate analysis. That these events thus far have been principally moderated by news professionals whose stock and trade are these sorts of trumped of bugaboos makes the practice of the “gotcha” all the more apprehensible.

Now CNN is being called out on their latest attempt at cutesy. Seems a UNLV student who asked the final question of Sen. Clinton was prompted to ask it by CNN. Realize that is bit of ham-fisted canning comes less than a week after Clinton herself was being derided for prompting her own audience queries, albeit of a better nature than her taste in trinkets.

Just goes to show you: When you try to pass off a sow’s ear as silk one too many times, eventually someone’s going to notice the smell of bacon.

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