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Opening The Files: 11/28/07

Phoning It In

President Bush's brief appearance at a peace summit yesterday in Annapolis once again illustrates that not only should he be forever sequestered from attending any event with "peace" as the principal subject but also from giving any further speeches which may afford him more opportunities to mangle the name of a foreign head of state. For a president who has overseen some of the worst geopolitical upheaval in a generation to suddenly be spouting the need for two sides in a conflict he has thus far, and continues, to neglect is the height of irony.

Then again, even the Bushies weren't making this summit out to be anything other than the "mother of all photo-ops", one last attempt to spit shine a waning presidency so lacking in glorified successes that have yet to occur. And it does not say much when expectations have fallen so low that this latest bit of presidenting by proxy is deemed a success simply because more than just the janitors were in attendance.

Gordon brings us the illustrated version of Bush's Middle East peace process.

Eric says if we are going to focus on who RSVP this little shindig, perhaps we should consider the potential for actually accomplishing something.

AJ Rossmiller is glad that some narratives weren't allowed to stand uncontested. Some however...

And Maureen Dowd says that just like her exercise routines, Condi Rice's idea of diplomacy involves a lot of running but not getting anywhere.

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