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Debunking the Habeas Resortation Meme

Likely anyone reading this blog will be aware that Congress has set about the task of correcting one of the more egregious mistakes to have ever come out of the previous Republican controlled body. This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted mostly along party lines to restore the writ of habeas corpus which was nullified by last year's Military Commissions Act.

This will indeed be a herculean task for the Democrats if they are serious about restoring this long standing right. They will need to start now in hitting back against the rhetoric that everyone should expect will increase in earnest as the vote nears. Just as when the original bill was brought forth, so too will proponents of the habeas stripping provision try to again coax opponents with the mind numbingly ridicules claim that it will somehow be "giving rights to terrorists".

The Democrats need to sink this leaky ship before it has a chance to get out of the harbor. For if it is allowed to sail, we will once again fail the founders of our nation who knew all too well the value of habeas and the need for it.

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