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From Perp Walk to Cat Walk and Back Again

While everyone is rightly focused on the ousting of Gen. Peter Pace as the Chairman of the Join Chiefs since it will undoubtedly have an impact on the war effort and policy, I can't help but note our still on going national obsession with The Paris Predicament.

I must say I too am fascinated by our fascination. What should really be a non-story has turned into a media spectacle on par with the OJ trial or the Anna Nichole Smith saga. Throughout the day today, just about every major news org had breaking coverage of Paris being escorted to the LA courthouse after she was denied a chance to attend this morning's hearing via cell phone (talk about wanting to phone it in). There was even several hours of aerial footage of Ms. Hilton's palatial home as we waited for the sheriff to arrive. The copters followed the patrol car as if they half expected it to suddenly veer off course as Paris' slight hands slipped out of her cuffs and overpowered the policeman driving. All that would have been missing was the White Bronco.

But alas, Paris made it to the courthouse without incident. Though perhaps she should have taken that felonious furlough since the judge ordered her sent back to jail.

So how did the Hilton heiress handle the situation? Was she stoic in the face of knowing she must make amends for her crimes as any mature, law abiding citizen would do?

Hilton left the courtroom in tears, screaming, "Mom, Mom, Mom." Hilton was also heard saying "It's not right."

Such a response isn't all that surprising given how pampered she has been up until now. I accuse her parents. The really sad part is these are the types of people who will eventually be taking over the reins of power in years to come. And considering the petulant brat we currently having running the country, that's an unnerving prospect indeed.

See Daniel DiRito, John Cole, Libby Spencer, and a worthy read from Salon.com here.

Update: Great roundup from Joe Gandelman.

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