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Paris Back to the Pokey?

That is what the new orgs are speculating about this morning as word comes that the LA DA is none too happy with Paris being given a reduced sentence yesterday. It would seem John Cole may yet get some use out of his Free Paris website.

Anyway, lots of must reads in the Intertubes. Jeralyn breaks down the various arguments as to why the Sheriff may have had the rights to change her penal placement while Eugene Robinson explores why it is that we can't seem to look away. Marty Kaplan called it the Push Pull effect of news and Fixer says this could be a microcosm of us finally awakening to the real power structure in our society.

So will Ms. Hilton again be trading cell phones for cell bars? Stay Tuned for breaking updates.

Oh and in case you didn't know, there's still a war going on in Iraq.

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